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Cortney Kaveh

"I am passionate about helping others pay off debt fast! My family paid off ~$145,000 USD in under 5 years and I want to help others have the freedom and options they desire."


Jacob Lewis

"When you work with me, not only will we get your budget airtight and be well on your way towards your goals, but you will also experience a change in your perception of money."


Destiny (Dez) Jordan

"Get help with accountability with your money mindset. Whether that’s budgeting, hitting your savings goals, decrease spending, or saving for a home!"



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Why Hire a Financial Coach?
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To set a financial plan
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To Improve financial behaviors
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For support and resources

Three Benefits of Hiring a Certified Financial Coach

  1. The financial coach certifications provide resources for their certificants to assist clients on their financial growth journey. These resources are built over years of money coaching experience from several financial coaches and industry professionals. These experienced financial coaches have seen almost everything and have created these resources to fit as many situations as possible.

  2. When you hire a certified financial coach or a certified money coach, you can guarantee that they have the necessary background knowledge to help you with your financial situation or access to professional networks to help with your unique situation. 

  3. Industry professionals build financial coach certification programs with years of experience. This relevant experience is built into these programs, making certificants ready for and knowledgeable about every situation.

Financial Coaching Can Help With:

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Retirement Readiness 

Set your goals, plan your income, know where you’ll live, and how much money you’ll need.

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Preparing to Buy a Home

Preparing to buy a home can happen months or even years before you actually do it.

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Paying off student debt

Paying off student loans isn’t impossible. You need a plan to achieve financial wellness.

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Financial planning & accountability

A money coach can be your accountability partner, helping you make sound financial decisions.

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Money in relationships

Handling money in relationships can feel challenging, but it’s one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship.

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Becoming debt-free

There are ways to eliminate the debt and use your finances to achieve financial wellness.

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