Frequently asked questions

Is Savings Jar just a financial coaching CRM?

No, Savings Jar is more than a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. There are plenty of wonderful CRMs out there, from Salesforce to HoneyBook. We know that financial coaches love helping bring financial security to their client’s lives while hating all the tedious manual work that supports that effort. From scheduling and billing to budget management and progress updates, this background work is the worst part of the job. Savings Jar makes it easy to schedule and track clients, allowing you to gain actionable insights into their financial progress. You can quickly review clients’ specific goals and benchmarks, focus more on their needs, and provide winning solutions. Our budget-preparation tools and automatic billing software save you time and improve your bottom line. Savings Jar also connects you with more clients looking for financial freedom and expert advice.

Why did you create a CRM for financial coaches?

We created Savings Jar because we understand that people need financial coaching and peer support to build good financial habits for life. Our conversations with financial coaches taught us that financial coaches are burdened with too many manual processes, for example, going over a budget during a consulting session or asking a client to send progress updates. A CRM built for financial coaches would allow them to log into a single platform and immediately see their progress towards specific goals. We designed Savings Jar together with financial coaches to provide the best financial coaching software.

Can I find a Financial coach at Savings Jar?

Savings Jar is a marketplace for financial coaches and financial advisors to connect with new leads, acquire new clients, and manage relationships. Savings Jar offers a superior client onboarding process, tracking, and follow-through. Following the onboarding, the service provides each client with a personalized financial plan, peer support, and ongoing intelligent recommendations.

Does Savings Jar provide financial education services?

Savings Jar does not directly provide financial education services. Savings Jar provides financial coaching tools, including opportunities for coaches to provide financial education services.

Can I find a financial coach at Savings Jar?

In the future, users will be able to find the right financial coaches to fit their goals, all within Savings Jar. At this stage, our focus is to create the world’s best financial coaching software.

How to become a financial coach?

At this moment, we do not provide financial coaching certification. Please contact the Financial Coach Academy or Financial Coaches Network if you are interested in learning how to become a financial coach.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to use Savings Jar?

Savings Jar is an intuitive CRM built just for financial coaches. We made a Savings Jar to be an all-in-one client management solution, freeing your time to focus on your clients.